There are many great bus companies in Colombia that have grown over the years in terms of inter-municipal transport. While some have focused and specialized in some areas of the country, others have set themselves the task of connecting almost all the cities in Colombia. Among this last group is Expreso Brasilia, one of the largest bus companies in the country. With its fleet, its service and its routes, they transport thousands of people every day. The following are some of the features of Expreso Brasilia that make it, perhaps, the best Colombian bus company.

What Makes A Great Bus Company?

For a bus company to be great, it has to offer coverage around the country. Its prices have to be reasonable and competitive, and the customer service has to be impeccable. Last but not least, the quality of their fleet has to be top-notch. While there are other things to take into account, such as the bus schedules and the available outlets for ticket purchase, these are the most important qualities of a great bus company. Expreso Brasilia, founded in 1961, meets all of these conditions. That’s what it makes it one of the best. The routes cover almost every part of Colombia (over 1000 destinations and growing) and the prices, as well as most Colombian companies, are quite competitive. They go from less than 5 dollars to 50 dollars, depending on the destination and the service you choose.

Expreso Brasilia also has some of the best and most comfortable buses in the market. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can take an express bus with basic amenities (TV, reclining chairs and bathroom) or a premium bus (with individual screens and headphones, WiFi, refreshments and movies on board).

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So… Is Expreso Brasilia The Best Bus Company?

The competition is close. While Expreso Brasilia covers a large part of the country, sometimes it lacks a specialized service for small routes. This means it doesn’t reach some destinations in areas such as Santander, Boyaca and Antioquia; regions where rival companies do cover routes to smaller destinations. For example: Rapido Ochoa, which has tours and trips to small tourist towns of Antioquia; Coomotor, which throughout its history has focused on the city of Neiva and nearby towns; and Copetran, which reaches the small towns of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

However, as we said, Expreso Brasilia is one of the few companies that has set itself the task of expanding its routes to almost all the important tourist destinations in Colombia. For this reason, if you want to travel from the Colombian North Coast to the south, passing through the center of the country (Honda, Bogota, Ibague), the east (Cucuta and Bucaramanga) and the west (Medellin), Expreso Brasilia is your safest choice.