We want you to have everything so that your trip to Colombia is the most comfortable and simple one. Knowing which one is the best bus company for your needs can allow you make the best decision and, surely, you will have a very comfortable trip throughout the towns and cities of the country. On this occasion, we’ll introduce you to Transportes Omega, one of the biggest bus companies in Colombia. Since it specializes in routes through the center and north of the country, we’ve used its buses to travel through this part of Colombia.

History of Transportes Omega

The history of the company Transportes Omega goes back to the year 1948, when several transporters of Boyaca united to create a first version of the company, under the name “Transportes Pomeca”. The main reason to found the company was to create routes to the department of Santander and facilitate the transportation of products to that area. 17 years later, in 1965, this company transformed and created Transportes Omega. Since its inception, Transportes Omega has grown so much that, today, it manages a fleet of cargo and transport of more than 300 vehicles.


Transportes Omega BusSource: youtube.com/channel/UC7oijU88x7KsuCPaU92Kr6g

Services And Routes

Transportes Omega has several options for you to move around the center and northern part of Colombia. If you’re wondering more about their service, we’ll give you the details of their routes and what to expect when you get on one of their buses.

Like many of the Colombian bus companies, Transportes Omega also offers a cargo transport service. Through Transportes Omega, in case you are at a ticket office and, apart from the bus ticket, you want to send a package to some part of Colombia, you can ask them to send small, massive and “semi-massive” shipments.

Transportes Omega has a fleet with vans, medium buses and large luxury buses. As well as most of the large bus companies in Colombia, its fleet is of high quality and meets all the needs and requirements for its users: WiFi, TVs, air conditioning, reclining chairs and refreshments in its luxury buses. We took traveled in one of the medium buses and we can confirm that they are truly comfortable. Our trip seemed much shorter because of the reclining chairs and TV entertainment.

As we have already mentioned, the routes of Transports Omega specialize in the area of ​​Santander (Barrancabermeja, Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Ocaña, Cimitarra, Velez), although there are others that reach the department of Antioquia, Boyaca and Cesar. After travelling through the department of Santander, we can didn’t have any sort of problem with lack of available seat nor the departing hour. Most of its routes depart at various times of the day. Of course, the hours of departure are more when the destinations are more popular, such as Bucaramanga and Medellin. For smaller towns, there are between 2 and 4 trips a day.

Ticket Prices

Like most bus companies in Colombia, Transportes Omega has very competitive prices. Their routes have a price that varies between 9 dollars (to Villa de Leyva), 23 dollars (to Bucaramanga) and 35 dollars (to Cucuta). If you want to get to know the best and most beautiful towns in Colombia, there’s no doubt that a bus trip is the best option. It’s inexpensive and very comfortable.