Colombia is one of the richest countries in natural resources. Its forests are broad and leafy, its deserts are vast and colorful, and its beaches are varied and undoubtedly impressive. Its natural wealth also expands to the bottom of the sea, where the coral reefs are so wide and so rich that they are among the most incredible in the whole world. This natural wealth is one of the reasons why Colombia is one of the best countries to scuba dive. If you want to explore some natural treasures, these are the 3 best scuba diving places in Colombia.


If you are interested in seeing a great variety of marine animals and, in addition, you are an experienced scuba diver, Malpelo is your mandatory destination. Due to its intricate geography and rock formations at the bottom of the sea, it’s important that this is not your first time scuba diving. It’s not a place that is easy to reach, but once you’re there, you will see that everything was worth it. Once you see the dozens of sharks, whales and hammerheads, you will be left speechless.


To get to Malpelo, you must first arrive at the port of Buenaventura, in the department of Valle del Cauca. From there, you have to depart on a dive boat. Don’t forget to request a permit before visiting Malpelo, as it is a Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.


If you ask any Colombian, he or she will tell you that Baru is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country. In addition to its natural beauty, this island has worked to create parks for those who love to scuba dive. If you want to practice scuba diving calmly and practically in a paradise, we recommend you to visit the Cienega los Vasquez Scuba Diving Theme Park. There you will find four artificially created coral reefs. With time, these reefs will become the perfect habitat for many marine animals.


The trip to Baru is simpler than the trip to Malpelo. You just have to go to Cartagena and pass the channel of the dike. You can also go by boat from Cartagena.


If what you are looking for is the place with more variety and for all kinds of scuba diving experience, the island of Providencia is the perfect destination. Near the island of San Andres, Providencia has about 40 places to dive, where you will find a sea full of animals, reefs over 200 kilometers of area, caves, interesting rock formations and even pirate ships at the bottom of the sea. Providencia is the most accessible place to scuba dive and you will find all kinds of habitats.


As we told you, the trip to Providencia is quite simple. First, you must reach the island of San Andres. Since it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, there are flights every day. Once you are in San Andres, you can take another short flight to Providencia and travel by boat.