Two hours away from Bogota, you can find the town of Anapoima, known as the “Sun and water of eternal youth”. It’s a population located in the Cundinamarca department, with a warm weather considered to be the best in the country. Ideal for family and romantic plans, the town has many things to offer to visitors. If you want to see one of the most beautiful Andean region village, we invite you to visit Anapoima. Join Colombiabybus in this travel guide for this attractive little town!


What is Anapoima?

Originally, Anapoima was an indigenous settlement of the Panche people. According to a leyend, the name of the town comes from the marriage of princess Hanna de Luchuta and chief Poyma. During the colony, Spaniards who populated the area gave it the name of Anapoima, as it was considered an “Indian town”. When all the indigenous population was exterminated, the town stopped being a reserve and it was built a church instead. As the village was erected over the Camino Real, a road that connected Guayabal with Tocaima, it became string shaped.


In recent years, the town has become an ideal place to run away from the city and rest. It’s because of that that many hotels and tourists’ services have been built, alongside many rural mansions. Even the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, has a vacation house in the Mesa de Yeguas Club, in Anapoima. That’s why this is one of the safest towns in Cundinamarca, with police and army surveillance. The permanent presence of the authorities in a very small town have driven the homicide, fights and theft rates to a historical minimum.


How to get here?

Buses to Anapoima

As it was mentioned before, Anapoima is located two hours (43 miles) away from Bogota. From Bogota you can take the route to Siberia, from the 80 or 170 streets. In this route, you can go straight to Funza, deviating to Mondoñedo before reaching Madrid. There are three tolls in the way: the Bogota river one, the Mondoñedo one and the San Pedro one. That’s why we recommend to take a bus instead of a car. You can find some tickets for around 12.000 pesos*, the same prize than in the Bus Station, offered by the Expreso del Sol Company.


What to do in Anapoima?

Actually, Anapoima has a lot to offer to tourists. The town is an important cultural center that tends to incentive tourism as an important part of its economy. That’s why there are many festivals, gastronomic fairs, sport events and cultural shows. Also, nature in the countryside is a very important landscape to visit in Anapoima. Trekking and ecotourism have gained territory in the touristic offer of the town. In this guide, we will show you some of the most interesting plans to do in Anapoima. Travel and live the beautiful town of Anapoima.


Touristic festivals

First of all, in Anapoima there are many festivals all year long. There’s the Patio Bonito and the San Antonio festivals. Held in August and October respectively, they are quite interesting and crowded. Among the outstanding activities you can find the famous “verbenas”, popular parties with outdoor dances. There are also horse riding shows, musical presentations, dog festivals and bonfire fests. For the kids, there’s a special horse riding show, with wooden horses to travel across town. This touristic festivals are ideal places for those who want to know Anapoima’s culture. If you are interested in Colombian celebrations and culture, don’t miss the touristic festivals in the “Sun and water of eternal youth”!


Sports events

Secondly, for those who love sports, Anapoima has some really interesting plans. The most recognized event is the Anapoima City Bike Classic. This bicycle race is organized by the Anapoima Bicycle Club and has been held by almost 20 years. Competitive cycling and mountain biking will take place in Anapoima’s roads.


First bicycle race in Anapoima

However, there’s also a place for some other kind of sports. In October, the Seventh Athletic Race “Anapoima Climaturistica” takes place. In it, more than 700 athletes from all over the country come to compete against each other. Also, there are many regional tournaments in all kind of discplines: basketball, soccer, tejo and figure skating. As a result, this year, for example, it was held in the town the first Regional Figure Skating Festival for children. Thanks to this events, Anapoima has set itself as an important competitive sports destination.


Anapoima Food Festival

Second Food Festival in Anapoima

In July, Anapoima celebrates its second Food Festival. This event, that gathers the best of traditional regional cooking attracts guests from all over the country. It is organized by the Education, Youth and Culture Direction and the Municipal Recreation and Sports Institute, alongside the SENA. As a result, its gastronomy students set street stands with typical food.


Moreover, the festival program includes peasant’s markets, cooking classes, cooking shows and food expositions. There are also some traditional Colombian food contests that make chefs from every region show the roots of their art. One of the best plans, no doubt, is the gastronomic tour at Anapoima. In it, you travel the city as you visit some restaurants and iconic places in Colombian food. Particularly, the typical desserts are very captivating and tasty for tourists.  Due to its delicacies, the Anapoima Food Festival is wonderful: come and find out what Colombia tastes like!


Natural beauty and ecotourism

In Anapoima and its surroundings you can find many options to enjoy nature. One of the most popular plans consists in a trekking tour by Las Delicias road. As it was mentioned before, Anapoima was built alongside the road that communicated Guayabal with Tocaima, made by the Spaniards. Today, it is no longer a functional road, but it has garnered some attention as an ecotouristic destination. This road is half a mile long and it goes all across the La Chica town. Most importantly, another important landmark is El Rio road, that goes from the Simon Bolivar Park in the way to Mesa de Yeguas and finishes in the Bogota River.


The most recent road is the one called Camino de Santa Ana, built in the sixties to communicate Anapoima with the nearby towns. Just like with the other roads, this way has been appropriated for ecotourism to know the local flora and fauna. Besides that, when you finish the trek along the road, there are some medicinal baths in Santa Ana. In them, the mountain water is filled of sodium, sulphur and iron carbonate, calcium sulphate and many other minerals, which the locals believe bring many health benefits. This baths are relaxing and allow you to enter in touch with nature in the Andean region.

Finally, there are many lookouts as the San Judas one, las Abejas one and the Tres Nevados one. In them, you can appreciate all of the beautiful landscapes in the region, as well as the rural and urban areas in Anapoima. The plan includes guided trekking and mountain biking.

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