Twenty years ago, Getsemani was an old neighborhood, where colonial houses were beginning show the passage of time. Within the city of Cartagena, Getsemani was an unexplored jewel, where the bars, the church, the square town and the streets were known just by locals. However, nowadays, after a process of renovation of the neighborhood, it’s one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the country and Latin America. Just a couple blocks away from the Walled City -the most visited part of Cartagena-, this neighborhood has gone through a real renaissance. Why should you visit Getsemani?

The Story of Getsemani

This neighborhood, until a little over a decade ago, was known as a residential popular area and not entirely safe. However, in the last decade, due to the history of the place -the independence of Cartagena was born in Getsemani- and the peculiarity of architecture, Getsemani was established as a spot of touristic renewal. While more than 100 years ago the streets of the neighborhood were home to popular Spanish families, during the second half of the twentieth century, they became the home of hundreds of Cartagena locals. And now, it has given way to tourists, who stay in hostels and boutique hotels, and spend their nights in the dozens of bars that surround the town square.


Why Is It So Special?

Thanks to the renovation we have talked about and the mix of modern and traditional, Getsemani is full of all kinds of entertainment for tourists. The gastronomic offer is incredibly varied, the number of bars with all kinds of music is almost innumerable, and the streets have a picturesque air that makes you not want to go anywhere else in the world. The nights in Getsemani are festive, full of people from all over the world, where you’ll see Colombians and foreigners sharing a beer.


Getsemani is a different destination. The tourist destinations on the coast of Colombia are known for their paradisiacal beaches, islands full of natural parks and endless seas. However, Getsemani is a urban hidden treasure that shows the true coastal neighborhood: neighbors share a drink while moving their pieces on the chess board or playing a game of dominoes -old people usually spend their time playing board games by the porch of their houses-. When you visit this neighborhood, you will experience the Colombian coastal culture up close.

Getsemani is a must-see destination on your trip to Cartagena. Spending a night in the neighborhood, sharing a beer with a friend or someone you have just met, is an experience you must live. No matter which restaurant or bar you enter, it will surely surprise you. Grab a plate of shrimp, rice with coconut and fried fish. The tradition is lived closely in Getsemani and will surely remain engraved in your head. And of course, if you want to go to a proper coastal party, visit Getsemani.