When you travel, one of your biggest concerns is your diet. While some people are accustomed to eat everything, there are others who have some restrictions, and if you do not have the ingredients or restaurants to follow your diet, your trip can be ruined from day one. This can be a big problem for vegetarians, because although in many countries it’s normal to find options without meat in every corners, there are many places where vegetarian options are scarce. To avoid any dietary problems when visiting Colombia, here you have the 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Bogota.


If you’re looking for something that is fast and mixes traditional Colombian food with a vegetarian diet, “Felipan” is one of the best options. It’s in the Chapinero sector -a very popular area where you will find many restaurants and bars- and it is, in short, a place to eat fast and healthy. We have already told you about the Colombian “corrientazos”. Well, this is something very similar but for vegetarians. “Felipan” offers lunches with soup, a main course, dessert and juice. You can also ask for the lasagna, which varies between spinach, broccoli, eggplant and smoked stuffing. You’ll enjoy a fast and nutritious meal!


If our first recommendation was something quick -a vegetarian “corrientazo”-, this second recommendation is something a little more elaborate. Suna is a restaurant with two branches in Bogota (in Rosales and in the Central Park Bavaria) that specializes in gourmet vegetarian food. The dishes are a mixture of high quality ingredients with various innovative preparations. The menu of Suna has entrances, salads, soups, sandwiches, bowls in which you can mix many ingredients (vegetables, dressings, cereals, legumes, among others), pasta, rice and vegetarian burgers. If you go with a friend who prefers to eat chicken, meat or fish, there’s no problem because Suna offers a couple of non-vegetarian dishes. This is, without a doubt, a great gastronomic experience.

Source: facebook.com/pg/SunaColombia

Caballete y Berenjena

If you’re a burger fan, this is the place you have to go. “Caballete y Berenjena” has some of the best veggie burgers in the city. To enjoy a great meal here, this is what you should do: start with a fried bananas appetizer (although you can also choose some nachos or tofu crunchies), then ask for a lentil burger with mushrooms and grilled onions, and finish with a milkshake of banana, cocoa, peanuts and almond milk. If you want to try a different one, we recommend the burger of seitan medallions, chimichurri and banana. When you’re in Bogota, don’t miss this restaurant in the Usaquen sector!

Source: facebook.com/pg/CaballeteyBerenjena

Quinua y Amaranto

In the downtown of Bogota it’s very likely to find incredible places hidden between narrow streets. “Quinua y Amaranto” is one of them. A small restaurant in the La Candelaria neighborhood, where, in addition to a menu that changes every day, you will find a very healthy gastronomic philosophy. Since they depend on small food suppliers -who guarantee the origin of each fruit and vegetable that the restaurant cooks-, the menu changes and surprises you every day. However, there are also some classics, like the ajiaco they offer every week. We recommend you to try it because it will leave you more than satisfied.

De Raiz

Our last recommendation is a restaurant that tries to mix bar food, some fast food and some delicious soups, with the touch of an innovative and gourmet cuisine. “De Raiz” is located in Zona G -perhaps, the best restaurant area in Bogota-, and there you can enjoy an entree of grilled corn cobs, a main dish of quinoa and mushroom burgers, or chilaquiles, and a dessert of a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla and orange ice cream. After trying this and the rest of our recommendations, you won’t say that Bogota doesn’t have an incredible vegetarian cuisine!

Source: facebook.com/pg/deraizcocinacafe