Colombian food is full of surprises. Many dishes are often complex, full of mixtures of ingredients that, surely, you haven’t even heard of. Among the most interesting, complicated and delicious dishes are the soups, always with a very particular flavor and with the feeling of something homemade. The Colombian soups are quite peculiar and they are so delicious that they work for any occasion. When traveling to any city in Colombia, these are the 3 soups you must try.


The ajiaco is, without a doubt, the most Colombian soup of all. Maybe some regions disagree with this statement but the ajiaco is so well known, so delicious and with so many Colombian ingredients, that it’s difficult to deny it. The ajiaco is a soup made with three types of potato, chicken, corn, arracacha and another half a dozen ingredients. Beyond the recipe, which can be easily found, the important thing about ajiaco is that it’s a soup that will leave you satisfied and full. The mixture of potatoes -a typical ingredient of the central region of Colombia- with the other ingredients make it a very nutritious soup. In addition, it’s usually served with a plate of rice and an avocado. Enough to go straight to bed for a nap.


To have the best ajiaco, you must go to the restaurants in the downtown of Bogota. There you will find several traditional restaurants where you will taste the most Colombian soup of all.


We know that some people will find this soup a bit strange, but it’s one of the Colombians’ favorites. The mondongo is a soup which its main ingredient is the guts of several animals. Usually, the mondongo has pork meat, beef belly and chorizo. To that you add several vegetables, potatoes and cassava, and you will have a delicious soup and perfect for any occasion. If you want, you can accompany it with a plate of rice, an avocado and a pinch of chili.


To try the perfect mondongo, we recommend you go to the typical restaurants in the downtown of Bogota and Medellin. To mix things up a bit, you can also go to the towns around Medellin. There you’ll not only enjoy the tranquility of the Colombian people but also the flavor of this soup. It’s so delicious that you’ll always want more.

Seafood Casserole

The seafood casserole or “cazuela de mariscos” is a typical dish of the Colombian Caribbean coast that has spread throughout the country. It’s such a known and delicious dish that you will find it made and ready to heat up in the super markets. Usually, it’s served in a clay bowl and has shrimp, clams and fish. In addition, the sea food is accompanied by coconut milk, fish stock, cilantro and, as you can expect, a dozen other ingredients.


As we told you, the dish has spread around the country and you can find the casserole in almost all the seafood restaurants in Colombia. However, without a doubt, you must go to the source: the Caribbean coast (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta). There you will be served a large plate of this soup -it smells delicious- with a plate of rice and patacones. You won’t forget its taste.

Any of these 3 Colombian soups will leave you dreaming with its flavor and you won’t be able to wait until the next time to taste them. Try them and you’ll know what Colombian homemade food tastes like.