Holy Week Colombia

Colombia is a Catholic country, important destination for religious tourism in Latin America. Especially during Holy Week, please be aware of the myriad importance of monuments and religious buildings at the little towns or cities, those are awesome! 

Although the Constitution of Colombia guarantees the freedom of cults and religions, a large part of Colombians have been raised under the beliefs of the Catholic religion. The wonderfulest time to visit the monuments and traditional religious spots is Holy Week. Travelers can witness the beauty and importance of religion in Colombian culture. 

We present the 3 places you must attend during Holy Week. 


Source:  Aroldo Mestre / El Heraldo

During Holy Week, Mompox is a must see destination. Besides its historical value, Mompox is one of the municipalities with more temples and religious traditions. The rites to be performed during Holy Week are especially interesting. Each day has a celebration, on Wednesday celebrate with sacred music, Thursday the crucifixion of Jesus, Friday the silent procession. Each of these events is quite impressive and shows the dedication of the people towards religious festivals. Don’t forget the churches and temples of colonial style that are in almost every street of Mompox.


Cartagena, one of the main tourist destinations, and one of the cities with the richest history in Colombia. You can visit our guide to the city, through this link, Cartagena is also a Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1984.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartagena,_Colombia

Due to its social and cultural importance, Cartagena is home to a wide circuit of churches and temples, for example, the Temple of San Pedro Claver, the Convent of La Popa and the Church of Santo Domingo. Each of these temples has a particular appearance: with centuries of existence, the walls show the passage of time, and at the same time, they usually maintain the personality of the Caribbean coast with colorful murals. After you visit some of the most impressive temples in Colombia, take a stroll through the beaches of Cartagena!


The most important religious destination of Colombia is in Zipaquira. Underground the Salt Mines of Zipaquira is located the Salt Cathedral, perhaps you have already heard about it! 

Source: flickriver.com/photos/stibcasa

During the Holy Week, this temple receives thousands of people, who celebrate mass each and every day of the week. Besides to celebrating the mass, can also see all the details carved in salt walls, the colored lights, the sculptures. Come and visit one of the wonders of the world, specially during Holy Week, if you want to know more about this amazing place, visit our guide