We would be lying if we said that coffee is not one of the most important products of Colombia, or even the most important one. It is, without doubt, something that makes Colombians proud and, at the same time, something they consume more than once a day. The streets of almost every city have coffee stalls, children drink coffee since they are little and it’s rare that a Colombian is not used to having a cup of “tinto” after lunch. If you want to try the best Colombian coffee, you should know which are the best coffee brands. Here we will show you the 3 best Colombian coffee brands.

Sello Rojo

All the coffee brands on this list, beyond how complex their preparation is, stand out for their tradition and history. Some have managed to accompany Colombians for more than 70 years, while others have forged an unforgettable legacy in the lives of Colombians. The Sello Rojo coffee is a bit of both. It was founded in 1959 and since then it has been in the home of thousands of Colombians. It’s a very Colombian coffee: simple, strong and perfect to prepare latte or a simple “tinto”. It’s easy to notice at supermarkets or neighborhood stores because of its red and bright package. If you ever see it, buy it and prepare for yourself a cup of “tinto” with two sugar cubes.

Juan Valdez

There’s a name that everyone recognizes when talking about Colombian coffee: Juan Valdez. It’s strange that a name can resonate so much in the minds of Colombians. Juan Valdez has been in the minds of Colombians since the 1950s, when the National Federation of Coffee Growers launched its official image. Initially, Juan Valdez was only the image of the National Coffee Federation. However, in the year 2002, Juan Valdez also became the name of the coffee shops you now see all around the country. A couple of years later, the National Federation decided to launch the Juan Valdez coffee brand. Although it has a slightly higher price, it’s one of the best in the country, since it has a great taste and there’s a large variety of flavors. It’s the perfect gift to take abroad.

Source: c-curioso.com

Aguila Roja

Like the Sello Rojo coffee, the Aguila Roja coffee has a long history in the market. The company was founded in 1930 and, since then, its coffee has been known for its toasty flavor. Its bright blue packaging is well-known in neighborhood stores and Colombian supermarkets. It’s also well known among Colombians for all the advertising campaigns that accompany the brand. From Christmas jingles to advertising in cycling races, the Aguila Roja coffee has been in the most important moments of the Colombian culture of the 20th century.

Source: revistasinfronteras.wordpress.com