Traveling with pets can be a little bit complicated if you’re not well prepared. You didn’t want to leave it at home -something owners are usually a bit wary about- and you decided to take it with you during your whole trip. However, rules and laws are different on every country and you need to be sure that your pet will be comfortable when traveling across long roads. If you’re coming to Colombia and you plan on riding the bus from town to town -which is the traveling experience we recommend-, there are some rules you should know before hand. Here are the regulations and tips for how to travel by bus with pets in Colombia.

Inside The City

Most Colombian cities have an organized transport system. It can be either a subway (in Medellin) or a bi-articulated bus (on the rest of the big cities such as Bogota, Cali and Barranquilla). And all of them follow a similar set of rules: if you want to take your pet, you have to take it inside a carrier or crate, and you need to have the vaccination card up do date. Sometimes, in case you’re taking a dog, it’s recommended to have it with a muzzle. If you need the assistance of a guide dog, clearly there’s no problem taking it with you, as long as you have the certificate for it.


While these are the rules set by the transportation systems and they were written according to the law, you’ll see that some people ignore them and let their dogs inside buses and the Medellin subway without a crate and, sometimes, even without a collar. As long as you have control over your pet and you make sure not to bother anyone, there won’t be a problem.

Traveling By Bus

Before we tell you the three main rules for taking your pet on a Colombian intercity bus, you should understand the one fundamental rule: it’s your responsibility to take care of your pet. That means you have to be aware of its medical conditions and whether it can endure a long ride. Now, what are the three rules?

  • You have to inform the bus company on advance that you’ll be taking your pet with you. While you do this, don’t forget to ask about the size of the bus and inform the bus company about the size of your pet.
  • As it’s required inside the city, you have to take your pate inside a crate, with the vaccination card and a muzzle. Depending on the size of your pet, the bus company decides if it can go by your side or inside the bus warehouse. So, if you have a big pet, you should expect for it to be placed in the warehouse.
  • Not all buses are suitable for pets. Clearly, if you plan to travel in a small bus, your chances of taking your pet with you are pretty slim. So, plan in advance and always ask for a seat in the luxury buses.

Now that you know the rules and regulations for traveling with your pet, it’s just a matter of having everything ready, booking your ticket with the best bus companies for you and your pet, and enjoying your stay in Colombia.